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How did it all come about……..
A simple means of using technology to produce a lifesaving product at reasonable cost…….so why hasn’t this been done before?
Imagine a rider has just suffered a low speed spill, she is unconscious and the emergency services are in attendance. However, they have no information about her and they are about to cut open her expensive riding gear and helmet! Even then, will they find some information about her, which may assist them to provide appropriate treatment?
This is not fiction. This casualty was one of Identilid’s Directors. Unusually, she had no ID, or any other useful information on her. Fortunately her partner, who had ridden ahead, returned to provide valuable information the emergency services needed.
From that experience I combined my IT skills and knowledge of Quick Response (QR) codes with a desire to design a product to provide the emergency services with some basic information, in a simple easy to use format, that may prove crucial when dealing with an incident.


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Emergency services in the West Midlands are so excited by our product that they are looking at holding a campaign to promote Identilid's product in conjunction with the Trust.

Sheralee feels that it is all about trying to save lives in the crucial “golden hour” “Our stickers will help to improve access to patient information straight after an emergency where efficiency will be improved via a seamless access and transferral of vital medical information. This will reduce cost and raise quality within the healthcare sector for the first responders and emergency services and most importantly the patient. mHealth is the next step for mobile technology to help save a life in an emergency”
The sticker is waterproof, visible, and noticeable to emergency services. 

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We are in talks to see if our stickers can be placed on every passport to ensure that your medical information is with you at all times, especially when you go on holiday or on a trip.
We will keep your informed of our progress.

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About Identilid


Why use Identilid ©

For the emergency services and first on scene to identify personal emergency details from the rider by scanning a small unobtrusive code sticker on the helmet by using a QR Reader on a smart phone or a scanner handset. Identilid offers peace of mind to both the rider and their family in case of an emergency. The NHS are supporting Identilid, offering a quick, reliable service once the QR code sticker is scanned, potentially helping to save a life as well as contact next of kin in the event of an emergency.

How does it work?

A QR code is scanned into a mobile device using a QR reader uploading personal details of the injured person. They will have subscribed to the service by entering their details into Identild’s secure database. This will generate a code with two stickers which can be used on different headwear with the same information on each one. More codes can be supplied if needed. The stickers will be sent to the customer by 1st class post. All emergency services are made aware of the Identilid QR code which can be accessed using a smart phone or a scanner supplied by Identilid.

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