Identilid QR Code lifesaver for Care Homes


Designed for Care Homes. 

A system that safeguards your residents, especially those who suffer from dementia. 

  • Offer a safe environment where the QR Code can be scanned with a Smartphone to access emergency medical information 24/7.
  • Stickers can be worn anywhere and wristbands all of the time. Which can be changed as and when needed. To be printed in house in your care home.
  • If an elderly resident or a person suffering from dementia becomes disconnected, emergency services will scan the QR Code to find where they live and can be returned safely giving families peace of mind.
  • Privacy concerns? No problem - Only an address need be given to get the patient home safely.
  • In your care home all patients can have a sticker in the office, on their door allowing full time and bank staff quick access to the persons emergency information.
  • Information for every patient can be kept in a central place and updated at any time.
  • Maintenance and support 24/7.

Our stickers are covered by BSI –ISO 900 Quality Registered by Day Mark Labels.

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