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Our Mission

We wish to see Identilid stickers on every safety helmet. We also hope to see it used wherever there is a need for emergency information to be accessed quickly.

Our Values

We offer a quality product where our customers information is secure and used to help either save a life or help in an emergency.
Our stickers are BSI registered.

Our Solution

A QR data safety coded waterproof sticker which when scanned using a QR reader on a smart phone will supply the emergency services with all your essential information.

Why You Should Join Us

Join the people who are already 100% satisfied that their medical data is guaranteed to be available when needed.







Identilid delivers your data fast


Identilid can be used anywhere


Identilid data retrieval could save a life

Identilid can make all the difference

Versatile instant data access to your medical information.
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About Identilid


Why use Identilid ©

For the emergency services and first on scene to identify personal emergency details from the rider by scanning a small unobtrusive code sticker on the helmet by using a QR Reader on a smart phone or a scanner handset. Identilid offers peace of mind to both the rider and their family in case of an emergency. The NHS are supporting Identilid, offering a quick, reliable service once the QR code sticker is scanned, potentially helping to save a life as well as contact next of kin in the event of an emergency.

How does it work?

A QR code is scanned into a mobile device using a QR reader uploading personal details of the injured person. They will have subscribed to the service by entering their details into Identild’s secure database. This will generate a code with two stickers which can be used on different headwear with the same information on each one. More codes can be supplied if needed. The stickers will be sent to the customer by 1st class post. All emergency services are made aware of the Identilid QR code which can be accessed using a smart phone or a scanner supplied by Identilid.

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